Elk Grove Couple Turn Home into Tiki Paradise

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ELK GROVE -- On the outside, the Cevolas' Elk Grove home is just another normal house on the block, but if you take a step inside, you'll see it's not your typical home.

Anywhere you walk, turn or look in Daniel and Wendy Cevola's house, it's all Tiki all the time.

"It's not a small collection, it's probably one of the largest in the world," said Tiki creator Wendy Cevola.

Their love for Tiki culture goes back decades.

"I can remember when I was a kid, all the different Tiki decorations and shopping centers and apartment buildings," said collector Daniel Cevola.

But it was about 20 years ago when the self-proclaimed Tiki couple started collecting, creating and putting together what they call their Tiki Jungle Home.

Walls, shelves, the ceiling and floor all follow the theme, but the house isn't just a museum of mugs and mementos. It goes by another name too.

"I call it the Tiki factory," said Wendy.

Every piece of equipment needed to hand make Tiki items is right here. Artist Wendy has a long list of orders to fulfill. From mugs for the Sacramento Tiki crawl to wishlist requests.

"I'm making pieces currently for Australia, I've sent things to England, Canada," she said.

It's a passion the unique duo dedicates their lives to. With the support from the Tiki community in the area Wendy and Daniel don't plan to clear out their Tiki goods anytime soon.