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Former Stockton Mayor’s Bail Reduced from $1 Million to $350,000

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STOCKTON -- It was a win for former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva on Monday -- a judge slashed his bail from $1 million to $350,000.

“Once we were able to show the judge the other side of the story he lowered it down to a rather reasonable amount,” said defense attorney Mark Reichel.

Prosecutor Robert Himmelblau repeated the five counts of financial felonies Silva faces, including grand theft, embezzlement and mis-appropriation of public funds in relation to the former Stockton Boys and Girls Club -- now Stockton Kids Club. Each of the five charges comes with white collar enhancements.

However, Himmelblau admitted Monday that the highest possible bail resulting from the charges Silva faces doesn’t add up to a million dollars.

At the heart of the argument about Silva’s bail was whether he is a flight risk. The former mayor flew to South America the day after his arrest warrant was signed but two days before it was served.

Silva’s attorneys claim the trip to Medellin, Colombia, to visit a friend and have dental work done had been planned for months. Prosecutors don’t seem to buy it.

“To visit friends and get dental work has become an ever-changing story. Getting a straight answer is like pulling teeth,” said Himmelblau.

Silva’s defense submitted evidence of a round trip plane ticket, what appears to be a dental receipt, and an affidavit from the friend in Colombia Silva was allegedly visiting.

Additionally, his attorneys said they were prepared to present the text of a Facebook exchange between Silva and his friend in Colombia showing the trip had been planned for months.

As a result of the bail reduction, Silva’s attorneys say he could bail out as soon as Tuesday.

Though he drastically reduced Silva’s bail, Judge Ronald Northup placed some stipulations on his release. Silva is to have no contact with the organizations he’s accused of stealing from, he is forbidden from accessing any of their accounts or using a credit card he has linked to the Stockton Kids Club, must wear a GPS monitor and his passport will remain with law enforcement.