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Fans Celebrate UC Davis Win

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DAVIS -- While some UC Davis students got to take a history class at the Graduate Bar -- their team two-stepping its way into the NCAA Dance for the first time in school history -- most spent Wednesday rushing to study sessions for next week's final exams.

They were, however, keeping tabs on their team.

"It's exciting, exciting," said Sydney Lee.

Lee and her friend can't believe the Aggies' latest achievement -- a 67-63 win over North Carolina Central that buys them a trip to tangle with Kansas in Oklahoma.

Yolanda Xhang was in class during the win, but got an update from China.

"Actually surprising, 'cause I was not focusing on sports news. But when I saw it on 'We Chat''s like Facebook in China... also Instagram... I was happy for it," said the sophomore statistics major.

Others were able to witness UCD's big success on their dorm's small screen.

"With friends in the lounge. We were all watching it," said freshman Braeden Bourke.

So what was he thinking when it looked like the Aggies were going to move on?

"I was excited. I was hoping they'd pull it out. It was close at the end and then they finally did," he said.

Freshman biological science major Alejandro Torres has a simple theory about what UCD has to do to beat Kansas.

"Just play the best they can and you know, hopefully, that's better than what Kansas can do," he said.

So is anybody considering going to the game?

"I wish," said Bourke. "But finals, and I play football too. We've got football."

UC Davis hits the hard court against Kansas on Friday.