Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Bails Out of Jail

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STOCKTON -- Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva was out his inmate jumpsuit and freely addressed the embezzlement investigation against him on Wednesday.

“In my opinion this whole thing is nothing more than a land grab, it’s a small group of people that are attempting to seize the facility, the organization and give it to another group,” Silva said.

As he spoke, he sometimes had a slight smile. Silva mostly thanked his attorneys, an inmate who gave him a beanie when he heard that Silva was cold, and his release.

"I appreciate them lowering the bail amount so I can get out and be with my son," he explained.

Silva has been locked up since March 5 on $1 million bail, that amount was drastically cut on Monday to $350,000 and his legal team quickly got to work.

However, because Silva is accused of several financial crimes, the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office required that his attorneys provide proof that the money isn’t tied to the allegations Silva faces.

Allen Sawyer, his attorney, said that process took time.

"To the painful process of showing that any funds that came from any place had absolutely no connection requires sometimes filing tax returns, W-2s, sourcing it to retirement accounts or sourcing it to property,” Sawyer said.

As FOX40 has reported, the DA’s office claimed Silva stole and embezzled thousands of dollars from the Stockton Kids Club from 2010 to 2014, using those stolen funds to pay for personal expenses like a trip to the Philippines and a account.

Silva has pleaded not guilty and he said he will continue to fight to clear his name.

“Stay tuned. I’m out now, and now I have the ability to defend myself,” he said.

On the condition of his bail, he will have to wear a GPS monitor and bank accounts tied to the charges have been frozen. He has also been ordered to not have any contact with a number of people, including those from the Stockton Kids Club.​