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Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Speaks Out About Time in Jail

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STOCKTON -- Former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva spoke with FOX40 from his home late Wednesday, hours after bailing out of jail, and shared letters of encouragement he said inmates wrote him during his 10-day stint behind bars.

"I won't forget about the folks that I left behind here," Silva said earlier in the day.

One of those letters had a drawing of Scooby Doo and said "I will pray for you tonight."

Another letter said in part," I'm saddened to hear about what happened to you...Remember that a situation like this will only make a person wiser and stronger. I honestly believe you will come out of this entire mess with your head up...if there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to ask."

Silva said he planned on fighting the charges now that he was out again and able to defend himself. He is faced with felony charges of embezzlement, money laundering and grand theft in relation to his role at the Stockton Kids Club, which was formerly the Stockton Boys and Girls Club.

But the first thing Silva wanted to talk about when he got out of jail was what he planned to have for dinner.

"I'm gonna go to Carl's Jr., get a Double Bacon Western Cheeseburger and a coke, and then I'm going to see my son," Silva said.

Silva's bail was reduced from $1 million to $350,000 Monday. His attorneys said it took a couple days to get Silva out because the judge required proof of where the bond money was coming from. The judge also set conditions on Silva's bail, requiring him to wear a GPS monitoring device, restricting his contact to certain people, including members of the Stockton Kids Club, and freezing the bank accounts connected to his charges.

Silva told FOX40 he could not talk about his case specifically, but did have a lot to say about his time behind bars.

"When you walk in they go 'Hey you're in the hole now,' that's what the guys say when you walk in there....the moans and the whimpers, at night time, you hear that all night long...that takes its toll on you," Silva said.

Silva also said that an inmate who had heard about how cold Silva was during his first few days behind bars, found a way to take care of him.

"Raymond is looking at 22 years for manslaughter and he knew I was cold the first couple nights and so he found a way to send me down his handmade beanie to keep me warm," Silva said.

Silva said that doctors diagnosed him with diabetes during his jail stay and were able to get him a second blanket, due to that medical condition.

About his work with the Kids Club, Silva said it defined him.

"It's been the greatest honor to serve in that capacity, and a lot of people have seen the good I've done and then know that when I speak, I speak the truth," Silva said.

Silva said the truth is that he is not guilty of the charges he is facing.

"There's more than meets the eye and I really don't want to comment on it. In my opinion, this is a land grab, a group of people attempting to seize a facility and give it to another group in Modesto," Silva said.