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Matthew Muller Sentenced to 40 Years in Vallejo Kidnapping Following Emotional Hearing

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SACRAMENTO -- Forty years in prison.

That's the sentence handed down to a Harvard-educated attorney and former Marine who traumatized a young Vallejo couple two years ago.

Courtroom sketches show the most emotional moments as Denise Huskins is embraced by boyfriend Aaron Quinn as she speaks to the man who admitted to breaking into her home, kidnapping and raping her twice before freeing her two days later.

"The voice has a face, it as a name, now we meet face to face, eye to eye," Huskins said while looking directly at Muller. "I am the woman you raped, drugged and attempted to manipulate."

For nearly two hours, Muller sat stoically, showing no emotion on his face or voice.

When he spoke he said he was "sick with shame" and that he hopes his "imprisonment brings closure for Huskins and Quinn."

"He doesn't have empathy I don't think he's capable of it," said Marianne Quinn.

Quinn's mother didn't feel any of Muller's remorse but is relieved he will be locked up for decades.

"Life would be a little bit better I think for Denise and Aaron because they never would have to worry about him ever again. But again he's gonna be in jail for a long, long time," Marianne Quinn said.

The defense argued Muller is mentally ill; suffering from bi-polar disorder and depression.

A longtime friend of the family says:

"The family is profoundly sorrowful about this whole thing. I held Matt as a baby, grew up and watched him as a kid and he was exceptional, and to see the change, dramatic change over time, it was impactful," said Steve Reed, Muller family spokesperson.

Now a young man with an impressive background will be locked up until old age and a young couple will try to heal from a nightmare that continues to haunt them.