Former Yuba City Officer Sentenced to 18 Months in Drug Trafficking Scheme 

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SACRAMENTO — A former Yuba City Police officer was sentenced to 18 months in prison Friday for federal programs bribery during his involvement in a cocaine trafficking scheme.

Harminder Phagura (Courtesy: Yuba City Police Dept.)

Harminder Phagura, 37, used information gathered through his position with Yuba City Police Department to aid co-defendant Gursharan’s Phagura in 2014.

That information was sent to a government official posing as a cocaine trafficker. The government source paid $6,000 for the information Harminder gave to his co-conspirator.

For months federal agents monitored Harminder as he tipped off Gursharan.

“When a police officer violates the public trust, the community suffers,” said U.S. Attorney Phillip Talbert. “We hope that this prosecution makes clear that no one is above the law – especially those who have taken an oath to protect the community.”

Gursharan Phagura, who is related to Harminder, has been charged on suspicion of possessing with intent to distribute cocaine. He has another court date set for Mar. 31.