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High-Speed Police Pursuit Ends in Elk Grove Front Yard, Two Suspects Arrested

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SACRAMENTO -- Two men are behind bars after police say they burglarized cars in a Target parking lot and then led multiple law enforcement agencies on an hour long high-speed chase, estimated to have topped speeds of 110 miles per hour.

Chris Trim with the Elk Grove Police Department said officers received a call about a burglary in progress at the Target on Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove Thursday evening. When officers arrived they said they spotted the two suspects driving a dark SUV and attempted to pull them over.

That's when they said those suspects led CHP on a chase down Highway-99 to Stockton.

Authorities said they called off the vehicle chase at certain points to avoid endangering other drivers but CHP followed the suspects from a helicopter.

"At some point there was a maneuver to get them headed back to Sacramento. Eventually they took the Calvine exit off 99 and that's where the pursuit ended," Trim said.

Trim said the suspects got out of the car and parted ways, walking through two different neighborhoods.

One woman who did not wish to identified said one of those suspects hopped into her backyard fence on Cord Way before being arrested.

"Someone said 'He's right there.' And I said 'What?!' Go to check, and he's sitting right there with his feet in the yard," she said.

A neighbor on Willow Grove Way said he was outside doing yard work moments before the second suspect was arrested in front of his home. He said he noticed the SUV parked in the street and then heard a police helicopter giving him orders to step away from it.

"That's the first time I've been given orders from a helicopter. That's when the helicopter is yelling at the guy, who's trying to act all nonchalant. He's walking through the cul-de-sac and they tell him to get on the ground," Kyle Perry said.

Police said they were in the process of determining how many cars were broken into, but had already recovered and returned some stolen items.

The two suspects had not been identified as of late Thursday night. Their charges were still pending.