‘Well-Liked’ El Dorado High Teacher Charged with Several Counts of Sexual Misconduct

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PLACERVILLE -- An El Dorado High School teacher has been arrested for multiple sexual misconduct charges.

Kind, fair, favorite teacher, just a few ways many students and parents describe 33-year-old El Dorado High math teacher Daniel Mummy.

Which is why it came as such a shock Thursday afternoon when Mummy was hauled off to jail from school grounds.

"He's facing seven counts of annoy and molest, which is a misdemeanor, and one count of sexual battery, which is a felony charge,” said Kim Nida, a commander with the Placerville Police Department.

Nida says three female students came forward to school administrators claiming Mummy touched them inappropriately.

"As soon as they found out they reported the incident to us,” Nida said.

"I do not believe what happened 100 percent,” said El Dorado Senior Ignacio Butler.

Many students like Butler have their doubts about the charges against Mummy, who had been teaching at the school for six years. They say that's simply not the man they knew.

"I don't think Mummy would do something like that...my math teacher would send me to his class to help me with my homework," Butler said. "He was always really nice."

"A lot of kids liked him, a lot of kids looked up to him. I think it's sad,” said another student.

"It was a little shocking," said a Kristie Smith, a parent of an El Dorado High sophomore. "We're a small town, things like that don't happen here.”

No one was home at the Placerville house listed under Mummy's name. Despite some support from within the school community, Commander Nida says the charges Mummy faces are justified, and serious.

"I'm sure he was well liked, that is often the case in examples such as this,” Nida said.

The El Dorado Union High School district released a statement on the arrest, saying in part, "Student safety is our primary concern and we will continue to work with law enforcement as they deal with this troubling incident."

Mummy's bail was set at $95,000 and he has bailed out of jail.