Visiting Basketball Fans Impressed with Changes to Downtown Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- For many basketball fans coming from out of state to support their teams in the NCAA Tournament, it's a first chance to take in the new downtown arena.

"I've been to many NBA arena's and this is one of the best," says Oregon fan Jeff Burns, who came down from Portland for the weekend. "The new building, the changes down here are great."

Burns says the last time he was in Sacramento was years ago before the new downtown arena was built.

The economic impact of the tournament in Sacramento is expected to be at least $5 million, but could far exceed that depending on how much fans decide to spend while here.

Saturday was expected to be the day that sways that number up or down because there are no games being played and visitors could spend some time visiting the area.

"It's been great. Sacramento has been cool, I really like the new arena," says UCLA band member Harry Mitchell.