5-Year-Old Boy Lands Dream Job on Sacramento County Sheriff’s SWAT Team

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SACRAMENTO -- It started with a letter. It was a simple request from a 5-year-old boy.

"It's my dream to be a SWAT," said Mahdi Fabienke.

With his brother's help, Mahdi applied for a position with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Special Enforcement Detail, also known as SWAT.

"The best thing about it is he wanted a chance to apply for the team," said Deputy James Petrinovich with the Sacramento County Sheriff's SED.

Mahdi got that chance Wednesday at Natomas Park Elementary School. A tough interview and a rigorous obstacle course landed Mahdi the job.

With his entire school watching, he's now an honorary member of the Sheriff's SWAT team.

It's an exciting moment for Mahdi and his family that's been through so much.

"It's just too emotional what they did, they went out of their way to do all this, it's like a dream," said Pari Zikeria, Mahdi's aunt.

Mahdi's mom battled breast cancer and leukemia, but she's now in remission.

"Right now I'm not even sick it's all about him just to see him happy it makes me 20 times happier," said Mariam Zikeria, Mahdi's mom.