Drivers React to Governor’s Proposed Gas Tax Plan

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SACRAMENTO -- Many Californians aren't happy the governor and other state legislative leaders announced Wednesday residents could be footing the bill for fixing the state's roads.

Gov. Jerry Brown is hoping to raise $52 billion over the next 20 years, money is going to come from a 12 cent gas tax hike per gallon.

"I agree... We got [potholes] right here down Broadway [in Sacramento], that's horrible," said Carla Lawrence, who lives in Sacramento.

"[I don't feel like I should be paying for it] no," said Sacramentan Maria Rubio.

"[Gas is so expensive in California] it's to the point where it's getting so ridiculous that I was just thinking about possibly getting a hybrid," said Darrell Alder, who was at the DMV on Broadway in Sacramento on Wednesday.

But a hybrid won't save owners from higher DMV registration fees, which are also part of the governor's plan. If approved, the plan would charge emission-free vehicles a $100 annual fee.

"I wish we could have better leaders," Rubio told FOX40.

Still some feel spending a little more might be worth fixing the roads.

"Have you seen our roads lately? I mean I drive to Oakland every day and along the way it's just horrible," said Andrew Rotchstein, who lives in Sacramento.

Others want to see federal money help California.

"I feel like instead of them building that wall, they should use that money and fix the roads," said Lawrence.

If approved, the governor's plan would raise $24.4 billion dollars over the next 10 years.