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Masked Man Breaks into Auburn Restaurant, Makes Off with $2,000

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AUBURN -- The Placer County Sheriff's Office is hoping surveillance video will help bring a couple of robbers to justice. The thieves got away with almost $2,000 from the El Agave Taqueria in Auburn.

The video shows a masked man entering through a shattered window, then making his way to the cash registers early Saturday morning.

The family business owners were not notified until several hours later by the sheriff's office.

"So, we get here and we see that both registers, the one in the front, and this one, they stole the money from those registers," said Jaime Enriquez.

But that wasn't the worst of it.

The robber also took a small safe from behind the counter. In it, all the tips from the past several weeks. The tradition at El Agave is to have the owners collect all the tips, then divide them equally among the servers and hand them out at the beginning of each month.

"It's sad because those guys expect that on the first of the month, they get their tips, and now we've got to workout how to get it back to those guys," said Enriquez.

The robber spent less than five minutes inside the restaurant, rummaging through anything that looked like it could have money in it. He was so brazen that he didn't worry that his masked face was clearly caught on the surveillance cameras throughout El Agave. The cameras did also catch a glimpse of an alleged accomplice in this case.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Placer County Sheriff's Office.