New Details Emerge from Sherri Papini’s Past as Investigation into Her Abduction Continues

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SACRAMENTO -- A young mother of two was branded, beaten and left on the side of the freeway after disappearing for three weeks.

Little is known about Sherri Papini's life since investigators say she was abducted by two Hispanic women near her Redding-area home.

The case made national headlines last November.

"There's a phrase that no information is often chased by misinformation. They're not putting a lot out there," said defense attorney Mark Reichel.

Information from Papini's past has now surfaced.

According to documents obtained by FOX40, Papini is no stranger to law enforcement.

On October 1, 2000, reports show the Shasta County Sheriff's Office responded to a call from Sheila Graeff, who said her sister, Sherri, tried to break into her home.

An hour later, a call saying Papini was vandalizing her parents' home.

In 2003, when Papini was 21, her mother called the sheriff's office asking for advice about her daughter, saying she was hurting herself and blaming it on her parents.

"It definitely hurts her credibility," Reichel said.

Reichel, who like many have followed the case from the beginning, says the old police reports may simply spark speculation about Papini's character.

"There's no drama like family drama, and she may have had some serious drama with her family 13 years earlier," Reichel said.

FOX40 also obtained documents showing in November of last year, days after Papini vanished, two detectives from the Shasta County Sheriff's Office traveled to Detroit, Michigan, for three days for "investigative purposes."

The sheriff's office remains tight-lipped about the investigation, which is ongoing and active.

"This is very far from over, and it is going to get even more interesting, how can it not?" said Reichel.

See the documents below:

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