Police Make Connections in Suisun City Home Burglaries

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SUISUN CITY -- After a series of daytime home burglaries in March, police are convinced there could be a connection to two burglaries that occurred Friday in Suisun City.

During the investigation of a Mccoy Creek Lane home Friday, officers were also called to one burglary at Armsby Way, where, similarly, a shattered sliding glass door led to missing money and jewelry.

(Credit: Suisun City Police Department)

Three black males in hooded sweatshirts carrying backpacks were reportedly seen driving away in a silver vehicle from the Mccoy Creek Lane home around 11 a.m.

The same point of entry method was used during a burglary at a separate location two weeks prior.

On Mar. 22, four homes on Promenade Circle, Hall Lane, Gazebo Court and Tamarisk Circle were also broken into -- three of the four had smashed sliding glass doors.

Three burglars in a dark color van with paper plates were captured on a home's surveillance across the burglarized home on Promenade Circle.

In Friday's burglaries, the suspects were seen driving a different car from the previously discovered van. (Credit: Suisun City Police Department)

A similar dark-colored van with paper plates was caught on surveillance during another burglary early March in Vallejo. Investigators think it could be connected to the Suisun City burglaries.

Due to the nature of these very similar burglaries, there are reasons to believe they are related.

This report was filed by Doua Yang.