Teen Reunited with Good Samaritan Who Helped Save Him from Rollover Crash

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STOCKTON -- A surprise meetup between a teenage victim and the man who pulled him to safety brought tears to everyone's eyes during the reunion.

Sixteen-year-old Rocky Mean said he fell asleep at the wheel Thursday. He was driving down Benjamin Holt Drive in Stockton when his car flipped. Kenneth Carrethers heard the commotion from his apartment.

"I just ran to the car, you know, I didn't take time to put shoes on or nothing, I just ran," said Carrethers.

Rocky needed help and Carrethers didn't waste any time.

"I opened the door and reached in, and he was able to kind of come to me a little bit, and I was able to help him to get out," he said.

The good Samaritan's work didn't stop there. He called Rocky's mom to let her know her son was OK.

"He was an angel, he saved my son's life," said mom Sotheary Mean.

To repay the man, the family surprised him Sunday with gifts.

The teen was taken to a hospital but walked away with bumps and bruises. His mom said if it wasn't for Carrethers it could've been worse.

"My son probably is not going to be here if Kenneth wouldn't help him, so I'm very blessed," said Mean.