Fun Tips for Decorating Eggs this Easter

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Jessica Briggs, a local blogger from Antelope, has a ton of fun Easter crafts tips on her blog, "Blog About It All."

Briggs recommends using fresh, organic and cage-free eggs for children who might have allergies.

Baking eggs in a cupcake pan cuts out the hassle of hard boiling. Once they've cooled, the eggs can be dyed with vinegar and food coloring or Kool-Aid.

Making an ombre egg just takes a little patience. Using the cap from a soda bottle to support the egg, simply soak the bottom of the egg with vinegar and any food coloring. Let the mixture sit then gradually add water.

Be sure not to waste the egg cartons, either. The scraps can be reused to craft Easter bunnies that can be used as adorable egg toppers.