Inseparable Cat, Dog Duo Looking for New Home

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Dressed in their Sunday best on a Wednesday, Cirrus and Mister Chubbs' fashion sense isn't the only thing that makes them stand out.

The dog and cat are also inseparable.

"He's laying on this dog, he's completely relaxed," said Barbara Doty, president and co-founder of Lapcats rescue organization.

They don't have the same mom, they're not even the same animal, but they're still brothers.

"He doesn't clean the other cats, he will clean this cat, came in the other morning they were both sitting on the chair here together," said Doty.

The dog and cat were found together and brought to a shelter. Mister Chubbs was adopted and Cirrus was taken to Lapcats, a local rescue organization that typically takes in adult cats from shelters with medical and special needs.

The separation didn't last long, Doty said.

"He was adopted for three days and returned -- he had kennel cough," Doty said.

The duo will never be apart again. Doty took Mister Chubbs in to Lapcats. It's the first dog and cat bonded pair for the 12-year-old organization. She said she'll only adopt the animals together.

We don't know where they came from or who their last owner was, but we do know the 9-year-old chihuahua and his 7 year-old-pal are inseparable.

If you're interested in the adoption process for Cirrus and Mister Chubbs visit