Sacramento River Cats Take on San Jose Giants in Exhibition Game

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SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento River Cats had their first game of 2017 Wednesday night.

While the season opener is Thursday, Wednesday the Triple-A team took on the Single-A San Jose Giants in an exhibition game.

Fans said they don't see these two teams as minor league, but instead as the future of the San Francisco Giants.

Whether it's your first game or your thousandth, fans said it's always more fun to watch baseball at the ball park.

"I come to watch baseball, that's what I come here for, I can't do this in my living room," said Matt Reyman of Sacramento.

He was one of the few who is practicing a dying art, keeping live score on a paper card with a pencil.

"It keeps you in the game, gives you something to do," he said.

This exhibition game was a rare match up between the San Francisco Giants organization's Triple-A, the Sacramento River Cats, and Single-A, the San Jose Giants, teams.

"I've been watching Christian Arroyo, of course, our No. 1 prospect," said Doug Knepp, a Sacramento River Cats fan.

"Best part is when you look year-to-year, and you see the rookies from a couple of years ago, and you see them in Giants uniforms," Reyman said.

But even those new to the game, like 6-year-old Alex Ihm, can still have a good time.

"I really don't know any of the players... I love it, I love the games," Ihm told FOX40.

Early April is also the best time for the River Cats merchandise store, the On Deck Shop, because not only is there new gear, but the night games can become chilly fast.

"Those are our best nights, yup, when they're in their flip-flops and shorts we're selling blankets, and hats, and sweatshirts," said Rose Holland, manager of the On Deck Shop.

And it was a short game Wednesday. The two teams only played 6 innings because the San Jose Giants had to get on a bus and drive to Santa Barbara Wednesday night.

But the San Jose Giants beat the River Cats 3-1.

The River Cats will have their first official game of the season Thursday night at Raley Field.