Still No Trace of College Student Missing for Six Days

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Mixing molding cement to help unravel a mystery -- the mystery of what happened to Alycia Yeoman after she was last seen driving away from a gathering at a friend's home last Thursday night.

Crime scene investigators from the Butte County Sheriff's department pulled out cast-making kits around 6:30 Wednesday evening, taking a much closer look at the orchard area where Yeoman's truck was found Monday in Live Oak.

While another media outlet has reported that the 20-year-old's mother has received texted ransom demands, the chief of the lead agency in this investigation -- the Gridley Police department --  emailed with FOX40 tonight saying, "we do not have a ransom circumstance."

In the area where Yeoman's Toyota Tacoma was discovered, her cell phone was later found, according to Gridley Police.

Their last update to the media, which was a press release issued at 5 p.m. Tuesday, says an interview with the person who found the phone resulted in that device being turned into a cellular store in Yuba City.

That's a curious development, according to former Sacramento County Sheriff and criminal justice Professor John McGinness, as he analyzes the investigation from the outside.

"Chain of evidence is very, very important, and at some point if this case goes to trial, people will be asked questions about where did this cell phone go? By whom was it handled? And those questions can be very, very critical. That's why along the line everybody who handles it, the reason for their handling it, the process in which they engaged, the process they use chemicals to do what's called....referred to commonly as a super glue process to raise latent prints... if it's dusted for prints....if it's checked for DNA evidence which is another potential out of this...all of that  would be critical. So to know who had that piece of evidence for what period of time could be absolutely essential to a successful prosecution, if in fact this turns out to be a criminal act," he said.

And what crime may have happened in this case remains to be seen.

When asked for any updates, the Gridley police referred FOX40 back to what it released Tuesday, citing no credible leads of suspicious circumstances or foul play connected to Yeoman's disappearance.

Her family is not commenting about the case on camera.