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Two Teens Identified as Suspects Killed in Stockton Police Pursuit

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STOCKTON -- Two teens have been identified as the two armed robbery suspects that led police officers on a chase in Stockton.

Fifteen-year-old Daquan Blackwell and 17-year-old Darrell Carpenter died after the vehicle they were in rolled over during the pursuit, investigators said. A third suspect, a 15-year-old, is in custody.

The tragedy that took place on Alexandria Place and Hammer Lane has friends heartbroken and shocked.

“I was (going to) go crazy like when I found out it was Daquan in the car crash,” Amari Morgan, a student at Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton said.

Morgan said she was friends with classmates Blackwell and Carpenter.

“It was just crazy how they just ended up dying in a car crash,” she said.

Stockton police released photos of the gun found near the suspects vehicle after the crash.

FOX40 obtained scanner traffic of the incident which revealed more about what may have happened.

“Everybody that’s in it now, stay in it, and we’ll keep that as a pursuit,” an officer was heard saying over the scanner.

According to investigators, they got a call that someone with a weapon inside a car on Hammer Lane and Holman Road on Tuesday around 10 a.m.

Minutes later, another call, this time from the Lodi Police Department about an attempted armed robbery.

“...armed with a handgun. They attempted to steal a wallet from a female customer. The suspect vehicle has driver-side rear bumper damage,” the operator was heard saying.

The scanner traffic indicates the teens and officers raced through the streets at about 50 miles an hour.

The short chase ended at Alexandria Place and Hammer Lane. The gray Ford the three teens were in rolled over and hit other cars and a bicyclist.

The innocent people caught in the chaos are OK while Blackwell and Carpenter died.

“Both these guys are unresponsive, it does not look good for one of them,” an officer said over the radio scanner.

This has been difficult to understand, especially for friends at the high school who knew the two as funny, friendly and loving.

“Daquan was just like… he had like… a happy energy like… he make everybody laugh,” Morgan said.

FOX40 reached out to the Stockton Unified School District, and they could not confirm if the boys were current students.

FOX40 did speak to a teacher off-camera who said she had the boys in her class and both were sweet kids. She wondered what might have led to their involvement. ​