Local Syrians React to U.S. Airstrikes

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SACRAMENTO -- Hanging on every word being reported by Al-Jazeera, Mustafa Katta and his oldest child can't believe they're finally hearing about what they'd long hoped for -- definitive U.S. action against the Assad regime in Syria where Katta grew up.

He just had a feeling that something was about to happen.

"Yes, I was following the news most of the day," he said.

"I sent it to different family members, and some of them were in disbelief because of their previous experience with Obama," he said.

This Caltrans engineer who lived his first 25 years in Damascus texted out what he first heard leaked on a Russian news outlet about an American missile strike.

It's a strike in response to a deadly chemical attack President Bashar al-Assad is widely suspected of launching on his own people.

As international outrage has mounted over the incident, the regime has denied responsibility and blamed the 86 deaths on rebels fighting the government.

No Trump fan to begin with, Katta is now happy to see President Trump take the step he believes President Obama should have seven years ago.

"He put his action where his word is, so he's winning credibility," he said.

From years-old tweets, sentiment shared on the campaign trail and speeches as president, Trump has expressed a desire to focus on America first and not police the world stage.

This reversal is a welcome change for Katta's friend, Nihad Jibreni, who spoke with FOX40 by phone from Yuba City.

"We are thankful for that. We support the president and we are behind him and his action," said Jibreni.

As Al-Jazeera reports 14 Russian Sukhois were destroyed in the Trump strike, Jibreni has hope for Assad to be contained.

"Take all of his air defense systems down and he cannot be able to fly and do whatever he wants," Jibreni said.

And the question now on everyone's mind?

"What's next? Is it going to be more strikes? Or at least if this is gonna be, that's it, allow please Mr. Trump, allow the Syrians to defend themselves," pleaded Katta.

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