Search for Aly Yeoman Intensifies

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LIVE OAK -- Volunteers from all around Northern California are taking part in the search for missing Yuba College student Aly Yeoman.

Before dawn, search and rescue crews began arriving to the end of Pennington Road in Sutter County.

Just a few hours later, when the sun came up, as many as 70 people from law enforcement agencies showed up to help in the search for Yeoman.

Crews from as close as Butte County to as far as Tehama County participated in the effort.

The volunteers took to the ground by foot with K9’s, ATVs and even horseback looking for any clues to where Yeoman may be.

Around 10 a.m., a police boat was brought in. Volunteers tell me they plan on covering a large portion of the area but there is no time table for how long search and rescue teams will continue looking for the missing 20-year-old.

FBI Joins Search for Missing College Student 

The active search for clues into the disappearance of college student Alycia Yeoman spans nearly 20 miles, from Gridley to Live Oak to Yuba City.

"The last place she was seen, there's probably a lot of evidence there," said Neighbor Ted Amato.

Nearly a week ago, the 20-year-old was last seen leaving a Yuba City house on Romero Street.

That home was wrapped in crime scene tape Thursday as investigators from the FBI and Sutter County Sheriff's Department looked for clues.

Neighbors say the man who lives there is Mike Lizarraga and he is out of town.

"I guess he just went on tour, supposedly right about the same time," Amato said.

Multiple neighbors tell FOX40 Lizarraga is a rapper currently traveling to promote his music. They say he also owns a chimney and masonry company.

"He's a hard worker, as far as I know he's a decent guy," said Amato.

In Live Oak, search crews from several local law enforcement agencies fanned out near the orchard where Yeoman's deserted truck and cell phone were found Monday night.

Surveillance video shows Yeoman's truck driving near the orchard where her truck was discovered.

About 100 people spent Thursday on horseback, on ATVs and on foot searching for the young woman, as community members remained worried but hopeful.

"I think the answers might be in there," Amato said.

The Gridley-Biggs Police Department is leading the investigation but hasn't provided any updates since Tuesday.

Leaving the community with a lot of questions.

"I just hope she's alive," said Amato.

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