Surveillance Video Shows Missing Woman’s Truck Near Orchard Where it was Found

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A drive down Cooley Road in Live Oak, over a bridge and past a home. It's the same route Alycia Yeoman's truck took March 30, the night she went missing.

A turn on a levee road, around a gate and then the car is gone. Surveillance cameras caught the last sighting of her Toyota Tacoma before it was deserted in an orchard near Pennington Road.

If the 20-year-old was behind the wheel or if she was even in the truck is unknown.

Thursday, nearly 100 people with several different law enforcement agencies searched the area her truck and cell phone were found.

Just 10 miles away in Yuba City was another search. Investigators with the FBI and Sutter County Sheriff's Office looked through a home on Romero Street.

Investigators said Yeoman was at the house Thursday night. She was last seen driving down the street.

"It's sad when you hear of something like that happened basically in your hometown," said Gridley resident William Lee.

So where is Alycia Yeoman now? It's a question everyone wants answered. With no information on her whereabouts those who live in her hometown of Gridley can just hope for the best.

The Gridley Biggs Police Department didn't have any new updates to release as of Thursday night.

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