Good Samaritans Find Couple Passed Out in Car with 3 Children in Back Seat

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SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY -- The parents of three children were arrested Thursday after citizens found them passed out in a car with the children sitting the back seat.

Washing clothes at College Laundry in Stockton turned into an opportunity to help three young boys for Aliyah, who asked FOX40 to not show her face and only use her first name.

Aliyah shared cellphone footage of what they found on Thursday morning. A mother and father could be seen slumped over in their car while a child cries in the back seat.

“They didn’t move," Aliyah told FOX40. "Not one time when we were really loud. Me and my mom and the other woman that called the police we were extremely loud."

They, along with another good Samaritan called 911. The boys, ages 6 and 4 years old, along with a 10-month-old baby are now in protective custody, according to the Stockton Police Department. The parents, 27-year-old Brittney Pennuto and 34-year-old Alfred Robles, were arrested for use and possession of a controlled substance, according to investigators.

From behind bars, Pennuto said she was not drugged, but depressed.

"My dreams have been haunting me lately since I lost my daughter in childbirth on March 9th," she said. "I feel horrible I didn’t hear my kids, but that doesn’t mean I’m neglecting them."

Aliyah said once the parents were handcuffed, both went back to sleep.

“Like this…she’s asleep…standing up while they’re arresting her," Aliyah said, describing Pennuto’s demeanor. "She didn’t turn around look at her kids.”

Aliyah said she saw evidence of heroin use after officers went through the car.

“The police pulled out syringes, pill bottles, and then it was dirty," she said. "It was extremely dirty.”

Extremely hard to witness and even tougher for Aliyah is when she saw the kids separated from their parents.

“When they put them in the truck the kids started going crazy," Aliyah said. "Like it was even worse. Like it was so sad.”

Pennuto has been adamant that she does not do drugs but she did say once she’s out of jail she hopes to enroll in a program so she can stay sober for her kids.

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