City of Elk Grove Continues Work on Roundabout Project at Sheldon, Waterman Roads

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ELK GROVE -- Going through the roundabout at Sheldon and Waterman roads in Elk Grove will be a little sluggish this week.

"It will operate in a reverse fashion. But there will be flaggers here to assist people through the intersection," said Jeff Werner, a senior civil engineer with the city of Elk Grove. 

The city of Elk Grove Public Works Department will be continuing the $2 million roundabout project they started last July. Most of it was done then, so it has been operational since August. But the rain postponed completion. Now they're finishing up the preventive concrete work.

"It's going to move, shrink or expand in various weather conditions. So we like to put controlled cracks to tell the concrete where to crack, so that we're not dealing with random cracking," Werner said. 

Engineers say the timing to get all of this work done was key. The city says on any given day, about 17,600 cars use this traffic circle.

But this week that number is expected to drop drastically.

"We expect less traffic during spring break. And we coordinate very closely with the school district in every project we do, and we like to make sure that their impacts are mitigated," Werner said. 

Crews will be working on one-quarter of the circle at a time.

Drivers are encouraged to take detours at Elk Grove Florin, Calvine, Bradshaw and Bond Road until construction is finished by 4:30 p.m. on Friday.