Family Devastated Over Missing Woman Found Dead in South Lake Tahoe

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SACRAMENTO -- When the El Dorado County sheriff's dive team found the body of 62-year-old Pamela Suwinsky in the Truckee River Sunday morning, some of the first people to find out were Suwinsky's friends who were passing out flyers to neighbors and hopes someone knew where she was.

However, before police could notify friends they first had a notify family, as is legal protocol.

One of those family members is Erin McGlynn Suwinsky's niece who spoke to FOX0 over the phone Monday afternoon.

"I loved her a lot, and I'm still processing it now, sometimes we just talked on the phone for two hours about what the cats did, I considered her more of a big sister than an aunt," McGlynn said.

FOX40 Also reached out to Sandy Graves who is a friend of both Pamela Suwinsky and her ex-husband Henry, who was the last one to see her before she disappeared April 3rd in South Lake Tahoe.

"She gave me the best compliment one time, she said you are like a sister, it's like it's one of your family members is no longer there," Graves said from her Redding home.

Suwinsky's autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday in Sacramento.