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Fans Excited for San Francisco Giants Home Opener

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Giants are playing ball at McCovey Cove once again.

While baseball season officially started last week, for fans of the orange and black, it doesn't really start until the games are at AT&T Park.

Fans say there's a certain magic that only comes once a year when the Giants play their first home game.

"It's opening day, it's Christmas times 10," said Tom Walkins from Sunnyvale.

Walkins and his family arrived to tailgate at 5:20 a.m.

"We were the 1st ones here, it was dark," he said.

Coming to a Giants opening day is keeping up a tradition that spans decades for most in Walkins' family.

"I haven't missed one in over 10 years," said John Clark from Santa Clara.

"In the last 35 years, I haven't missed any," said Charlene Williams from San Luis Obispo.

"Consecutive, 41 years in a row," Walkins said.

Cody Harrington hasn't been to as many, but has a record that's impressive: he's been to every opening day he's been alive.

"He's 6 years old, it's his seventh opening day, yeah, he hasn't missed one," said Cody's father Kevin Harrington.

Many Giants fans have lucky hats or jerseys they always bring to encourage a winning season. Beau Watson from Gilroy has a hat filled with pins.

"My favorite is always the last day at Candlestick," said Watson.

Fans are optimistic another championship could be coming this season, which is another great part of opening day they say, it's too early to know for sure.

"You start from scratch, everyone is even," said Clark.

But for the younger fans, the best part may not be the baseball but instead getting to miss classes.

"(I missed) Spanish, PE, and I think art," said Cody Harrington.

"What are you going to lean in one day of kindergarten?" said Kevin Harrington.