Lodi High School Students Complain About Lack of Soap, Hand Dryers in Campus Bathrooms

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LODI -- Lodi High School student Annie Andrews shared with us cell phone video showing there’s no working hand dryer, no soap, no way for students to wash their hands properly at the school.

Andrews said it’s been this way for far too long.

“I was just tired of not having soap and paper towels in the bathroom. It’s disgusting to go in there,” Andrews said.

Fed up, Andrews and her classmate, Juliana Jackson, began collecting signatures from their peers. So far, about 200 students have signed the petition demanding better bathroom conditions.

“No soap, no soap. No toilet paper, I mean we got to use our shorts,” Bobby Herrera, a sophomore said.

It appears that there’s only one custodian who takes care of all 12 campus bathrooms during the day, at night, more staff comes to help.

The principal said the bathrooms are restocked every day by custodians. He added that it may take janitors some time to restock certain bathrooms that have been overused.

But concerned students say this is a health concern that needs to be fixed soon.

“If we would come from the wrestling rooms to play volleyball, and we could get ringworm from that if we can’t wash,” said freshman Luca Ferreria.

As for the hand dryers, the principal said they occasionally break and it takes time to repair them.

The students are planning to present their petition at Wednesday evening’s parent-teacher conference.