Caltrans ‘Snow Guy’ Dave Wood Has Become Internet Celebrity in Northern California

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KINGVALE -- If you live in Northern California and you've watch local news at all this past winter, you more than likely have seen Caltrans Superintendent Dave Wood on your screen.

When he's on the clock, which is almost always, Wood can be found in one of three places:

  • His office at the Kingvale Caltrans station.
  • On the Interstate, driving in his state vehicle, looking for accidents or unsafe driving condition.
  • Twitter.

Over the past few months Wood has been a massive reason behind Caltrans District 3's Twitter account going from 10,000 followers to more than 18,000.

Known for his almost daily vlogs on social media (in both English and Spanish), Wood has become the go-to source for current road condition during a storm where travelers need the most up to date information.

Wood was the sudden rise in followers on his work's Twitter account was his giveaway he was doing a job people appreciated.

"That's when I realized we were on to something he needed to do more," Wood said.

As much as his info, Wood has gained attention for his unique look. Sporting a custom-made hard hat that's shaped like a cowboy hat with a Cal Trans logo on it.

Then, there's the mustache.

"My pores change with stress sometimes and it shoots out," Wood jokes. "On good days it curls, like two biceps."

Admitting the job isn't as glamorous as it may seem online, Wood says it is highly common for him to work 100 hours a week, even sleeping on a cot at the Caltrans station when he doesn't have time to go home.

Even though he may be the face of snow info in the Sierra Wood also knows he couldn't do what he does without his coworkers help.

"That's what keeps this road open, the willingness of the people who have the talent and the know-how and the sacrifice," Wood said.

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