Modesto Assemblyman’s Office Hit by Vandalism

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MODESTO -- Gray paint now covers the graffiti that was found at Republican Assemblyman Heath Flora’s of Modesto office, but what’s underneath isn’t easily forgotten.

“Gang related stuff as well as race related stuff…so it didn’t seem like your normal run of the mill robbery,” Flora said.

Flora’s office manager found what appeared to be gang and racial symbols spray painted on the front of the office on Thursday morning, Flora said. Just around the corner was another alarming sight.

“They took the time to remove the whole (window) pane out completely, which was nice,” Flora explained.

The vandal or vandals completely removed a window but here’s the odd part, nothing was stolen.

“Showed us a little bit different mentality," Flora said. "It wasn’t just your standard issue robbery where they wanted something from the building.”

Investigators with the Modesto CHP are checking the graffiti for gang ties and are also reviewing surveillance footage of the break-in. They are the investigating agency because Flora’s office is considered state property.

As for why someone would vandalize his office, Flora is perplexed, but he’s not surprised because he said just weeks before, someone dropped off a disassembled bomb.

“There was all the parts to assemble a bomb. They just weren’t put together," Flora said. "So we had the batteries, wires, box and so that kind of started this whole dynamic we’ve had in the last few days."

The Republican lawmaker said if there are people who are not happy with his work at the capitol, they should have an open discussion to hash out their issue with words, not vandalism.

“We could understand each other," Flora said. "We could have these honest conversations with each other and we may have to agree to disagree, but at least we can respect each other at the end of it."

On Friday, more security cameras were installed to help prevent another crime from taking place at the office.

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