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City Council to Vote on Legal Defense Fund for Undocumented Immigrants

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SACRAMENTO —  On Thursday, Sacramento is set to intensify its commitment to being a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

City council members are expected to approve the creation of a $300,000 fund to help pay for education and attorney fees for the undocumented who call the capital city home.

For those who say this is not the right use of tax dollars, Councilman Eric Guerra vehemently disagreed when he spoke to FOX40 by phone from D.C. where he’s attending the Cap-to-Cap conference.

“Well the fact is our tax revenue comes from sales tax. Every Sacramentan, legal or not, is paying into that sales tax. And many of them own properties and our property tax revenue’s come up. And frankly when you come down to it… you just can’t put a price on justice,” said Guerra.

Guerra says when immigrant families know they have access to the right kind of help and aren’t living in fear, it makes for a more stable Sacramento.