Modesto Christian Community Remembers Attorney Gunned Down in Manteca

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MODESTO -- Many people in the Modesto Christian community are stunned after a Modesto attorney was shot Tuesday in Manteca and his killer was arrested.

Through his work as an attorney, Stephen Cain helped many clients find justice, but his friends said it was his devotion to his faith and his generosity that will forever remain in the local Christian community.

“He wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a senior that actually went hungry,” said Mike Cobleigh, the executive director of Parkview Christian Estates.

Cain served on the board of the Parkview Christian Estates retirement home. Friends said every month he was either volunteering or feeding residents.

“As someone who was willing to give back he felt like he was blessed and in turn from there he wanted to bless other people,” said Buddy Gray, the outreach minister for Davis Park Church of Christ explained.

Gray said Cain was also a member of his congregation. He added not too many people know of his generosity because Cain didn’t want the recognition.

Now his friends are heartbroken after Cain was gunned down, murdered in a Taco Bell parking lot in Manteca.

“I can’t imagine the young man that shot him…why he would shoot him?” Cobleigh said.

“A total bummer, totally flat…still recovering from the blow,” Gray told FOX40 of Cain’s death.

The Manteca Police Department said 19-year-old Angel Miranda was the gunman. Investigators told said they don’t have a motive yet but they are looking into whether or not Cain’s profession was a factor.

“I know if he needed money, Steve would have just pulled out money and given it to him,” Cobleigh explained.

While his friends are grief-stricken, they said through Cain’s work with their community, his memory will live on.

“We have to remember that what we’re doing in life is something more valuable than just ourselves,” Cobleigh said.