Foothill Farms Party Shooting Suspect Speaks Out from Jail

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SACRAMENTO -- A day after a Sacramento teen was arrested for homicide, he spoke to FOX40 from behind bars, and he claimed he's innocent.

Sheriff's deputies say 18-year-old Kejhonne Henderson shot three people at a Cinco de Mayo party on Greenholme Drive in the Foothill Farms area, killing 17-year-old Jordan Pannell. The other two victims, 36-year-old Sunnie Lane, and a 19-year-old man, were hit by the gunfire but survived.

"I just want to say I'm an innocent man, shout out to my mom and my dad for being there for me, I love them," Henderson said from jail.

Henderson said he didn't know any of the victims.

"I don't even know who those people are," he said.

The sheriff's department would not allow us to broadcast Henderson's face because detectives are still interviewing witnesses, and the department fears showing his face would compromise their investigation.

But Henderson claims he was not at that Cinco de Mayo party and that he didn't shoot anyone.

"I'm not a law breaker, I'm just a young kid. I'm trying to go to school and do the right thing," Henderson said.

However, Henderson would not tell us where he was when those shots rang out.

"So, where were you Friday night?" FOX40 asked.

"I would rather not answer that question," Henderson said.

Witnesses told FOX40 on Saturday they saw Henderson there and that it was him who started an argument with a girl at the party over what music was playing on the stereo.

Those at the party tell FOX40 that Pannell asked Henderson to go outside, he followed, and allegedly shot him several times at close range.

"What I do hope is that the police do catch the right person, and let the innocent man go do about his business," Henderson said.

He said he doesn't own a gun and he claims he only found out he was being charged with murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon when he was being booked into jail.

After FOX40 told Henderson there was a vigil for Pannell at the scene of the shooting last night, he did have a message for Pannell's family.

"Well I'm sorry for the mom and their loss, and I hope they do catch the right person who did that to you.