Woman Searching for Engagement Ring After it Went Missing at Hospital in Modesto

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“I’ve been with him for eight years and he proposed February 26.”

Two months was all it took for a tan line to burn the impression of Krystina Zulueta's engagement band on her ring finger.

"My ring's pretty special, so, uh," said Zulueta.

So the fact that it's gone has her feeling all of the feelings about what made it so meaningful to her and her fiance at this point in their lives.

“The baby, and getting her here, and all that fun stuff,” Zulueta said.

The young couple is pregnant with a girl -- seven months along. Zulueta admits she might have had a bit of "pregnancy brain" when she washed her hands in a bathroom and left her ring on the counter.

“Ran back, literally, to get my ring and it was not there,” she said.

She said it happened at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Modesto in a single room, unisex bathroom on the second floor. She said the sink had a drain screen so her ring couldn't have slipped down the drain. She believes someone who used the restroom within the five minutes she left it there stole it.

“We went down to security, there was a lot of helpful people within the staff at Kaiser," she said.

She says security told her the hospital had a privacy policy preventing them from asking any patients or visitors about her ring.

Kaiser took FOX40's call but didn't answer our questions Monday night about the protocol involving reports of theft.

Zulueta said they took down her information and told her they'd call her if her ring turned up in lost and found.

“I called that night and later the next day and nothing, so...” she said.

So she's sharing her story, hoping that if someone sees her ring at the hospital, in a pawn shop or being sold online you'll remember why she was at the hospital, where she left the ring by accident -- it wasn't for a prenatal appointment.

“My grandma was undergoing heart surgery," she said.

She's hoping whoever had their hands on it has the heart to get it back onto the right hand.

“We told her when she got home, and she was just like, 'Ugh! I wish there was more decent people in this world.' I said 'you and me both. you and me both.'”