A Year Later, Stockton Mom Who Lost Son to Gun Violence Still Seeks Answers

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STOCKTON -- On the steps of her Stockton apartment Erica Davis is immersed in memories of her son Kimani Johnson.

Smiling through the good times, she wipes a tear away as she talks to us about his death.

“I ask myself why everyday,” Davis said.

For the past year, Davis has been searching for answers in her son’s murder.

“My son deserves answers. I deserve answers so that he can rest so that I can be at peace with all of this and so this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s child,” she said.

Stockton police investigators said Johnson was gunned down on May 12, 2016 on East Ninth Street. Davis said he was on his way to help fundraise for a friend’s grandmother’s funeral.

She said Johnson had no gang ties, no problems with anyone.  He had only been in Stockton for two days having spent a year in Iowa where he graduated from high school.

“(I want answers) So I don’t have to wonder at night and I don’t have to keep thinking about about it and reliving it in my head,” Davis told FOX40.

She said Johnson was with friends who all scattered after the shots were fired.

“I don’t have any answers at all and I know that someone knows something,” she said.

Wednesday, on what would have been his 19th birthday, Johnson leaves behind his mother, three siblings and a 2-year-old son. The grief can be overwhelming but Davis said the good memories help as she replays the last conversation she had with her beloved son.

“‘K mommy I love you, I’ll talk to you in a little bit’ and that was it,” Davis told FOX40.

Davis said her son’s death has been hard on the entire family and they’ve been coping with the help of counseling. If you have any information on this case please call the Stockton Police Department. ​