Amgen Tour of California Kicks Off in South Lake Tahoe

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE -- It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a world class event.

"We started doing this about 18 months ago. It's about an 18-month lead time. We try to find courses that are challenging but also friendly to the traffic in the community and businesses," said Eric Smith, course director with Amgen Tour of California.

The 2017 Amgen Tour of California kicked off in South Lake Tahoe. More than 100 of the top female cyclists from around the globe are pedaling for the title.

"It's part of the world tour now, which is the highest level of women's racing. So to have the best teams right here in South Lake Tahoe is truly remarkable," said Kristin Klein, president of Amgen Tour of California.

"An event like this will stimulate bike riding in general around Lake Tahoe, but hopefully stimulate a lot of young women to get on their bikes, and try to follow that dream, as well," said Curtis Fong with the South Lake Tahoe Organizing Committee.

Nine-year-old cycling fan Ruby Isaac traveled all the way from England to watch her favorite athletes.

"One day, my gran took me out on a bike, and then she was holding onto me, and then she let go, so it came on from there, really," Isaac said.

Her passion for the sport is obvious. What reporter Rina Nakano didn't know is that she would also be her colleague -- sort of.

"I think I'm going to be broadcasting every day, and it's going to be great fun," Isaac said.

See, Isaac is kind of a big deal. In the cycling world she goes by #RaceReporterRuby A professional sideline reporter and social media personality, she knows all the big names... because she interviews them.

And one day, she's determined to be one of them.

"Mmm... a cyclist by going to the Olympics, and probably in my spare time, being a reporter..."

While she has her own goals, she knows her role is a special one. She is a proud liaison between the growing sport and kids her age.

"They're going to be so inspired. When they become 9 or 8, they're just going to want to be like me. And then be so good," she said.

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