Aly Yeoman’s Family Searches for Answers

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There was no answer at the door of Mike Lizarraga Friday, the man who's been at the center of suspicion in the disappearance of Aly Yeoman.

"I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Aly," Lizarraga told Crime Watch Daily.

The 37-year-old spoke with Crime Watch Daily this week, just before Aly's body was discovered Tuesday in the Feather River near where her pickup truck was found.

But now Yeoman's uncle has called him out in a lengthy Facebook post, publicly asking questions about his relationship with Aly.

"So many other burning questions too," wrote Aly's uncle in a post on the Justice for Aly Yeoman Facebook page. "Like, why would a 37 year old Michael Lizarraga share selfies last year in a hot tub with three girls nearly half his age?"

"Inappropriate? Not legally," the post continued. "Poor taste for a father of two young girls? You be the judge."

After seeing Lizarraga in his Yuba City driveway, FOX40 hoped to get his reaction to the post, but he ran inside and would not come to the door.

Lizarraga was the last person known to be with Aly on the night of March 30 before she disappeared for five weeks. The two ate together a few minutes away from his home at Taste of India and then hung out at his house and drank.

Yeoman's uncle used the Find Aly Yeoman Facebook page turned Justice for Aly Yeoman to also target the restaurant, suggesting the investigation into her disappearance was hampered by delayed release to deputies of surveillance video from the dinner Aly shared with Lizarraga.

Part of his post attacks the owner.

"Was he covering up something for Lizarraga or himself? Was he worried about bad press?" the post reads. "Here's some advice restaurant owner, the best press you can get is where you fully cooperate with the father and family of a missing girl."

Managers of Taste of India did not want to be interviewed, but did tell FOX40 that the characterization of what happened with the surveillance video is not true.

They maintain that Aly's father, David Yeoman, was able to see the video soon after he asked, as were deputies from Sutter County. They say the only delay came once they got a request to make investigators a DVD copy of what their surveillance system had recorded and that a deputy had to return to pick that up.