In Your Neighborhood: Davis

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This week for In Your Neighborhood, Mae and Gary are having a blast in Davis where there is a ton to do.

  • Konditorei Austrian Pastry
    • Konditorei offers a fine line of pastries and desserts that comes closest to the quality one can usually find only in Europe. On the diverse menu of cakes and pastries are many of Mr. Kutternig’s original recipes, as well as other delights he brought from Vienna. Konditorei is a haven, a place where nostalgia, tradition and quality are found in one.
  • Blue Max Kart Club
    • In a nutshell we're a family oriented kart track. We wake up every morning thinking of new ways to improve our already great track. One look at the track and you'll find a smile on everyone out here, good times are what it's all about. Join our family of karters and experience the thrill of having fun.
  • Community Pianos 
    • Our pianos are painted by local artists and students, and placed in outdoor public spaces, where community stewards look after them for the summer m. These pianos activate public gathering spots, and make Davis a more vibrant, engaged, and interactive city. The pianos help to address social isolation in Davis by providing spaces that allow and encourage connections between members of our community--many different demographics, all levels of musical skill, and those who simply want to listen.
  • Davis Paintball
    • At Davis Paintball, we take fun to the next level. Our expert staff is dedicated to providing you with an exciting and fun experience in a safe and friendly environment. We take pride in helping beginners explore the sport of paintball across our 9 fields within 40 acres. We are located just outside of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.