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Family Searching for Answers After Woman Found Dead in Home

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It's a Mother's Day get together, but not the one this family had imagined.

"The families coming together. We got candles. Sending a little bit of her to everybody, let them know what's up," said Ernesto Gueyger.

Gueyger's mother is 55-year-old Tina Marie Godina. A kind woman. The kind of woman who might give a stranger a place to stay if he was down on his luck.

But Friday, something went horribly wrong.

"I kept knocking, kept ringing the doorbell. Kept knocking, ringing the doorbell. Knocking, ringing the doorbell," Gueyger said.

Gueyger eventually went inside and discovered his mother's body. It wasn't immediately obvious how she died -- not to Gueyger and not to Sacramento police, who have homicide detectives working this case.

They are waiting for an official cause of death from the county coroner.

If Godina was killed, as her family fears, there would be a lot of potential suspects.

"She's a helper, a caring spirit. Somebody who went out of their way to care for a lot of different people she didn't even know," Gueyger said.

For now, for this Mother's Day, they are trying to set aside the confusion and frustration at the dark questions hanging over this house, trying to honor Tina the way a family should.

"This is her Mother's Day, you know? I wanted to go take her out. And this is not what I expected," he said.