Scammers Create Fake GoFundMe Page After Death of Deputy, Community Service Officer

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You don't have to know them personally for their loss to hit your personally -- at the wrecking yard where Jason Garner and Raschel Johnson veered off the road at a high rate of speed for unknown reasons and died in a fiery crash Saturday, strangers find strength through faith.

At the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office, the community shows its true colors -- some, fighting back tears.

"It's an honor to work for this department and it hurts. It really hurts us too even though we're volunteers," said Hector Velazquez, a sheriff's office volunteer.

Hector is one of many who are disgusted that someone would set up what deputies are calling a fraudulent fundraising site, attempting to benefit from the untimely death of two public servants.

"It's wrong, it's disrespectful to their families, to their children," Velazquez said.

The sheriff's office says that person set up the GoFundMe account using the name of a real charity called Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes, but has no ties to it.

"So he's misrepresenting himself as a legitimate business and that itself is a crime," said Deputy Royjindar Singh.

Singh said the sheriff's office has since had the account taken down and will prosecute the person responsible for preying on their pain.

"There's a lot of people impacted by this tragedy, by their lives, by everything they did, so..." Singh said.

People like Margaret and Cathy Barboza -- neighbors of Deputy Garner -- who say he was always sweet to them.

"With Jason here I felt safe, so, you know," Margaret Barboza said.

Neighbors who have their own family members in law enforcement who've shown respect with signs on their porches and blue ribbons on their trees for years. They say now they mean so much more.

"What can we do. Just pray for them. Pray for all of them," Barboza said.

Here's a link to the GoFundMe page established by Raschel Johnson's family.

Here's a link to the GoFundMe page established by Jason Garner's family.

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