Family Remembers Loving Father, Husband Killed in Hit-and-Run

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At the center of Roseville Road and Watt Avenue, a poster board memorial is starting to wither -- first soaked in the rain and then baked in the sun.

Spring has inched closer to summer in the month that has passed since Steven Smith was hit by a car and left to die, and his family doesn't want the unanswered end of his life to fade away into another season.

"If they had stopped, would he have been able to go to the hospital and be OK?" asked Smith's mother-in-law, Tamara Perkins.

Perkins brought two of Smith's three young daughters with her Thursday night as she told FOX40 about their final upsetting moments together. She says Smith and his wife, her daughter, got into an argument and that he walked away from their home late at night on April 14.

He was hit at 2 in the morning wearing dark clothing at a very busy intersection.

"Yeah, so she has a lot of bad feelings about that," Perkins said.

They're hoping that if someone out there hears what Smith's loss means to his little girls and his niece they might come forward with information about the car that hit him.

"If he was still alive, we would give him a whole bunch of lovings," one of his daughters said.

"'Cause we miss him with all our hearts," his niece said.

The memorial, withered as it may be, is deeply meaningful. Smith's children made it. The family photo in crayon. The little handprint in paint. And a plea for information in pencil.

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