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BernieCrats Make Their Voices Heard as California Democrats Meet in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- As delegates to the state Democratic Party convention celebrate the accomplishments of those currently in office like Betty Yee, two blocks away from that gathering the self-described BernieCrats are having a meeting of their own.

They're trying to push forward the ideals they feel their party shouldn't have abandoned when they picked another presidential nominee.

"We're really trying to bring together a lot of the people," said Cacey Carpenter of Mountain View. "It's people really take away the political money influences in the party and really make sure it's aligned with the people in our communities."

"I think nurses see the value of single-payer health care more than anyone on this planet because we work first hand with them every day," said Karen McNair of Napa.

So are the ideas still so very different down the road?

"The fact is that the vast majority of things that were in Bernie Sanders' platform are already in the California Democratic Party's platform," said Daraka Larrimore-Hall, Secretary of the state party. "We just have to back it up with some real action and really get it done...things like single-payer health care, abolishing the death penalty."

"What being a Progressive really truly means is basically the fundamental principles of being a Democrat and so I am really unclear as to where the separation occurred," said Elk Grove mayoral candidate Tracie Stafford.

As votes get counted in the race for a new state chairperson and in platform priorities, the party's way forward for now will become clear.

One uniting factor?

Concern for the country, now that a president of it, regardless of party affiliation, is in the middle of several probes tied to Russian interference with the government.

Barisha Spriggs of Ashland believes the White House troubles are affecting the democracy.

"Definitely. It's undermining our democracy...the very basis of American democracy," she said.

"I think Donald Trump gave us a really big warning in the campaign," Larrimore-Hall. said "It was very clear when he was running that he didn't have any interest in how government works and we're just paying the price for that right now."

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Congressman Adam Schiff will speak to delegates on Saturday.