Yuba County Deputy Delivers Baby While Responding to a ‘Domestic Disturbance’ Call

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YUBA COUNTY -- A Yuba County Sheriff's Deputy delivered a baby Wednesday when responding to what he thought would be a domestic disturbance.

Just after 11 a.m. a concerned neighbor called authorities to an apartment on Gossett Way in Marysville after hearing what they thought was a verbal dispute.

When Deputy Arthur Williams arrived on scene, instead of finding a couple having a disagreement, he found a soon-to-be father in a panic and a mother in labor.

The Sheriff's Department says there was no way that baby was waiting so after calling for medical aid, Williams guided the mom to the couch and made "the catch of his life."

The family -- and deputy -- welcomed a healthy 5 pound, 12 ounce Harlee Rose to the world.

Shortly after her delivery, mom and baby were safely transported to the hospital for post-natal care.