Old School Site in South Land Park Could Become Pot Facility

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SOUTH LAND PARK -- For years, a school building has been sitting vacant on the side of Freeport Boulevard in South Land Park.

But a Bay Area business owner is hoping to change that soon.

"There's an application on file with the city to convert this vacant preschool into a marijuana cultivation facility," said Brian Ebbert, president of the South Land Park Neighborhood Association.

From a place of learning to an indoor marijuana grow facility.

Public documents show Herbal Velocity's applications for a facility to cultivate marijuana inside the 6,800 square foot building.

The city of Sacramento says the permitting process for commercial cultivation started in early May, and 63 applications have been submitted.

Ebbert said although it's newly legal and regulated, some may not welcome it in their neighborhood.

"Frankly, I think a lot of people have an automatic reaction when they think marijuana and then the neighborhood," Ebbert said.

South Land Park is residential, but that area of Freeport Boulevard is industrial -- steps away there's already a pot dispensary. But there's also a preschool.

"I feel like why? Out of all the places they have around, why would the pick this place? Kids are around, parents are around," said Kentasha Boykin, who works at Kinderworld.

The employees at Kinderworld don't feel that a marijuana facility belongs near children.

"Having a facility here next to us, I don't think it's a good idea," said Yvette Pennington, who also works at Kinderworld.

The Bay Area woman applying for the permit tells FOX40 she has already reached out to several nearby businesses and most have no problem with Herbal Velocity.

She hopes the vacant school helps her get in on the ground floor of the emerging legal marijuana business.