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Gov. Brown Talks Trump, Climate Change Ahead of Overseas Trip

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SACRAMENTO -- Will America withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement? It’s a question President Donald Trump is expected to answer this week. In the meantime, Governor Jerry Brown isn’t holding back vowing to fight the Trump Administration on this issue.

“When Trump goes AWOL, California steps to the front of line,” Brown said Wednesday.

It’s a battle that’s been brewing since the election, when then candidate Trump said he didn’t believe in man-made climate change. Brown described Trump’s views, then and now, using two words.

“Bad. Wrong,” said Brown.

The governor is taking his message overseas next month as he heads to China to speak with world leaders about environmental issues.

“Donald Trump, by being a denier, is stimulating a reaction. It’s going to be strong and it’s going to be sustainable, and California is going to be right there in the forefront leading in the effort to de-carbonize our economy,” Brown said.

But despite his criticism, the governor said it’s not all doom and gloom.

“We can chew gum and jump rope at the same time. The fact is President Trump has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to fix Oroville Dam. He’s provided millions to our Caltrain, the train from San Jose to San Francisco. That’s a positive. Whether he cuts other programs, I don’t know. We’re going to stick to our guns. But where we can, we’ll work with the Trump Administration,” said Brown.

Brown added, “There are no permanent enemies in politics, just permanent issues.”