Inmates at Center of Placer County Jail Abuse Case Speak Out

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PLACER COUNTY -- From behind spotted glass in a Placer County Jail visiting room, Beau Bangert thinks back to what he says happened May 14.

"They put me in a chair, and I lost circulation in my hand, and they had striked (sic) me in the face like 10 times," the inmate said.

That incident -- the most recent incident of officer-to-inmate abuse detailed in a criminal complaint filed against two correctional officers at the Placer County Jail and one county deputy.

"Yeah arm against my neck and the other one up," describes Bangert.

The complaint says Deputy Robert Madden is the one who hurt the 26-year-old serving time for drug possession and that Madden and C.O. Sgt. Megan Yaws both falsified reports in the matter.

"I couldn't see a lot," he said.

Bangert, an Auburn native, also says what was happening wasn't right.

"No, I don't complain a lot so I kind of drifted away," he said.

Bangert says he kept what he endured to himself.

Placer County's sheriff says the "unreasonable" behavior of the officers who've now been arrested was uncovered by a supervisor reviewing jail videotape.

"I think there's a lot of honor around here, and I think sometimes there's a lot of inhumanity in the world, and sometimes angels are watching," said another Placer County Jail inmate, Phillip Daley.

That's what the 35-year-old thinks now that he sees officers being held to account for their behavior behind the same bars holding him.

Jailed for probation violations, his is the first incident of six detailed in this case's criminal complaint -- one the district attorney says happened on November 5, 2016.

"I like, fell forward," Daley said, describing the aftermath of a violent, quick move by Deputy Madden, who is accused of that assault.

C.O. Jeffrey Villanueva is facing charges for several others along with falsifying reports about them.

"What do I think about it? Unusually sad. I think it's unusually sad, and I think they should be punished," said Bangert.

Bangert's birthday is Thursday, and he says he's scheduled for release on Sunday, so he's looking forward to being free of the environment he claims put him at risk.

Madden, Villanueva and Yaws are due to be arraigned on Friday.