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Turlock Sex Offender Arrested for Failing to Register

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TURLOCK -- You won't find 29-year-old Anjelo Kanef on California's sex offender registry -- but that's exactly where he is supposed to be.

“From the time of conviction, he had five days to come here and register because he lives here in Turlock,” said Sgt. Neil Cervenka with the Turlock Police Department.

Cervenka says Kanef recently pleaded guilty to exposing himself to three women, sometimes yelling to get their attention while masturbating in Turlock parking lots. One at Safeway. Once at Walmart. And once at Donnelley Park.

“And he had failed to register at the beginning of May,” Cervenka said.

And before Kanef could get around to registering, he was accused of more inappropriate behavior in that same park.

"The call said obscene gestures,” Cervenka.

Cervenka says Kanef made those obscene gestures to women in the park Monday, and that police found Kanef sitting in his car, next to a laptop with pornography and sex toys.

But with no sex crime committed, he was only cited for drug paraphernalia and then released. Cervenka said nothing in their system flagged Kanef as being out of compliance.

“Sometimes it takes time to be entered into the computer database,” Cervenka said.

The sex offender designation is supposed to be entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System fairly immediately, but Turlock police say it can take up to a month.

“Someone’s eventually gonna get hurt and it’s not right, they should have had him already in the system,” said Jose Ramirez.

Ramirez and Carl Copeland were shocked to hear about that window of time and how Kanef used it.

“I don’t like it one bit. I come to this park almost every day with kids I work with,” Copeland said.

They work with young men in group homes and foster care in hopes of keeping them out of the criminal justice system. They think Kanef's behavior shows he cannot be rehabilitated.

“No, no. Not at all," Copeland said.

The Turlock Police Department rearrested Kanef Tuesday after taking their hunch about him and calling the court to confirm that he failed to register. They say that's their commitment to keeping the community safe.