Man Finds Wedding Band in East Sac Parking Lot, Hopes to Reunite It with Owner

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SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento man is hoping to reunite a lost wedding band with its owner.

Curtis Fry says he was running errands when he found the ring outside the UPS Store on Folsom Boulevard. After having a closer look, Fry says he found an inscription that read "Lucille to Fred 6-1-40."

Curtis Fry holds a gold wedding band he found in East Sacramento. The inscription on the inside reads, "Lucille to Fred 6-1-40"

"1940 is World War II. It could be someone leaving for war," Fry said. "It could be a ring from his bride or girlfriend."

Fry says he's unsure the ring's owner is even still alive 77 years later, but he believes the ring must be important to someone.

"I just hope somebody gets it back. A lot of people would just keep it or toss it or melt it down," he said. "I just would like somebody to have it. If it was mine, I'd like to find it again."

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