Officials Test New Siren at Oroville Dam

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OROVILLE -- Department of Water Resources officials are testing a new siren at the Oroville Dam.

The test was scheduled to happen at noon, and was set to last less than a minute. Future tests will happen the first Friday of every month.

The new siren was installed to replace the old one, which was lost in February as water flowed down the emergency spillway.

The DWR stressed that though the siren is loud, there is no need to worry. Its main purpose is to alert workers to an on-site emergency, so the test was not heard by many in Oroville.

Meanwhile, engineers continue work to find out why the main spillway began to crumble. They say they have identified 24 possible areas that could have contributed to the damage. A report will be published in November.

Demolition of the old spillway continued Friday. The goal is to have a new spillway operational by the next rainy season.